Event Management & Logistics (Cvent)

Event Management & Logistics (Cvent)

Cvent is a cloud-based software application that allows users to create registration systems for events. Users can create websites for events through Cvent, send out invitations, track activity, participation, collect registration fees, and generate related reports.

Login to your Cvent account
Cvent features and functions include:

Multiple Accounts and Access
Online Registration
Budget Management
Payment Collection
Housing and Travel Management
Who can use it?
Cvent is available for purchase by any organization within the Yale Community. Users are able to login to Cvent with Yale Central Authentication System (CAS).

How much does it cost?
Yale Community Pricing:

FY14: $2.99 per registrant (free account with logins)

FY15: $2.99 per registrant (free account with logins)

FY16: $2.99 per registrant PLUS $1,000 per account

Ongoing: $2.99 per registrant PLUS $1,000 per account

How do I get it?
Accounts are available on a fiscal year basis. We recommend requesting accounts at least two weeks prior to start of creation of your event to allow ITS and Cvent to configure access to your account. Please submit your request using the “Sign up for Cvent” button.

Where can I get help?
For help with Cvent you may contact:

Cvent Customer Care customercare@cvent.com or 866-318-4357

The Yale ITS Helpdesk or 203-432-9000

The service group, events.management@yale.edu

Your local support provider

Additionally, if you would like help planning your event or would like someone to plan your event for you, you can contact:

Yale Conference and Event Services at conferencesandevents@yale.edu or 203-432-0465

FAQs and other resources
Support and resources are available to registered users to assist in setup and learning to use the functions and features of Cvent. These resources include:

Cvent Training and User Guides
Learn how to create events in Cvent in a weekend:

Event Creation
Cvent how to training is available in multiple formats including webinars, user reference guides, and on demand video modules. Topics include:

Event Creation 1
Event Creation 2 More Registration Features
Event Promotion & Communication
Registration Management
Travel Management
View Demo
Cvent Support
Branding Package
Related policies and procedures
Data security policies
Information Technology appropriate use policy
Please note: Cvent may not be used to store or transmit files that contain Social Security numbers, Protected Health Information, or information governed by federal export-control laws. While Cvent has been approved by Yale’s Information Security Office for 1-lock and 2-lock data, 3-lock data is not permitted in Cvent accounts. The use of Information Technology Services facilities is governed by the ITS Appropriate Use Policy, University policies, and applicable laws. Your use of ITS facilities, including the Cvent service and the Yale network, constitutes your agreement to abide by these policies.