Cvent is the University approved enterprise system for email, newsletter and event campaigns for selected audiences including: external contacts, VIP contacts, staff, alumni and members/subscribers.

University policies and guidelines for approving emails to large groups of staff (for example, all staff) using the Bulk Email System (BES) still apply with Cvent.

Cvent’s strengths include:

  • contact management
  • sending emails and newsletters using standard templates and custom designs
  • electronic event invitations and registration management with an option for accepting payments via a third-party payment gateway
  • building and hosting campaign, newsletter and event websites using the events.griffith.edu.au domain using standard templates and custom designs
  • membership and subscription management
  • maintaining a record of all communications with contacts
  • automating communications through an entire campaign and stage/event triggers
  • analytics on the use and effectiveness of emails and websites
  • supporting large and complex events such as conferences

Enterprise support for Cvent includes:

  • general campaign and solution advice by OMC staff including best practices in making EDM campaigns effective, minimising costs and enhancing the University’s reputation
  • Cvent account allocation and getting started with Cvent
  • self-paced online training and phone and email support by Cvent
  • accessing, customising and developing new email templates

More information on applying for a Cvent account and using Cvent for event management is available at the Protocol and Events’ E-invitation system site

Email marketing

Email marketing and newsletters campaigns are very similar to managing events. Griffith University has processes and systems that support best practices in developing and supporting high quality and effective electronic communications including:

  • collecting, managing and segmenting contacts, contact groups and distribution and subscriber lists
  • developing well designed HTML emails, newsletters and event invitations along with supporting web sites
  • retaining communication records
  • complying with government and University privacy requirements
  • using analytics for reporting success and continuous improvement
  • minimising total costs for marketing and communication activities

This site provides information on the these practices and the systems supported by the University.

Information on event management protocols, tools and other support is available from the Protocol and Events website.