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Reinventing the City

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Reinventing the City

April 23 - April 25

The AMS Scientific Conference (AMS Conference) explores and discusses how cities can transform themselves to become more livable, resilient and sustainable, while offering economic stability. Cities are innovation hubs, where an increasing number of people live, work, recreate, interact, and care. The urban fabric is where major transitions take place, catalyzing advancements in mobility, circularity, renewable energy, climate adaptation, urban food systems and digitization. Precisely for these reasons, our cities set the agenda for improving the livability and sustainability of our world.

To foster improved urban environments, we need scientific and societal insights into our complex urban systems, into how natural and social processes are interconnected and reach tipping points, into the good, the bad and the ugly of our cities. We need amazing discoveries, technical and social innovations to transform the ugly, leave the bad behind and reach for the good. And most of all, we need to make the city together, because WE are the city.

Theme of this year
In this second edition of “Reinventing the City”, the overarching theme will be Blueprints for messy cities? Navigating the interplay of order and complexity’In three captivating days, we will explore ‘The good, the bad, and the ugly’ (day 1), ‘Amazing discoveries’ (day 2) and ‘We are the city’ (day 3).

We understand that not everyone has the flexibility to attend the full three-day conference. That’s why we offer the option to participate in the conference for just one day. You can experience the AMS Conference for a single day and pay the corresponding one-day ticket fee, without committing to the entire event.

More information
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our email address:

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details. We look forward to welcoming you!

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Date: April 23 - April 25
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