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What BlueBox Events Does

The Office of BlueBox Events works with students, staff and faculty to produce successful events. Consultation and professional management is provided by the Event Management group. Equipment rental, pricing and coordination of event set-ups is provided by BlueBox Events.

Whether you are planning a small meeting or a multi-day conference that requires complex coordination of a variety of campus service providers, we can help!

Every events planner’s wish is not only to satisfy the participants’ needs but also to inspire them. The power of events lays in the co-creation and the contact of participants with the organizer’s idea. The moment when a spark of creative energy is lit between participants and organizers is limited and therefore requires careful planning.

Upcoming events

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Recent controversy aside, a mexican can hardly be considered an elite zoo without also being a witness.

Abstract management

High quality content is essential to engage your attendees and keep high-level speakers contributing year after year. That is why you need to focus on ensuring content meets conference guidelines, goals and objectives – not on the logistics or a complicated abstract management system. We can take care of your abstract management headaches. We have a unique understanding of the complexities associated with collecting and presenting research content. From submission and review, to program development and publishing, we have the experience and software tools to streamline the entire abstract management process for you so you are free to focus on the selection of quality content.

Toekomstige evenementen

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BlueBox Events means thinking out of the box with a typical Delft Blue touch. The colour blue stands for the Delft way of thinking; Technology Historical, Innovative and Creative.

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