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“Thinking out of the box 
with a typical touch Delft Blue!”

Founded in 2015

Organised more that 45 conferences

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About BlueBox Events

“BlueBox Events means thinking out of the box with a typical Delft Blue touch. The colour blue stands for the Delft way of thinking; Technology Historical, Innovative and Creative”

BlueBox Events, founded in September 2015, is a full-service planning conference office for the facilitation of scientific national and international conferences, courses and masterclasses that takes place on our campus, in our country or anywhere in the world.

We handle complete management of all the details from branding, website, processing online secured payments, budgeting, venue finding, contract negotiation, social programs and proceedings to final reconciliation of the income and expenditures.

BlueBox Events’ familiarity with the University provides a huge advantage over external agencies offering similar services. We understand supporting services better than anyone ensuring your event always runs smoothly. We work closely with our clients, providing a personal service and building sound relationships. We enjoy a great deal of repeat business and referrals from happy clients.

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June 21, 2022

The way we have designed society's mobility options are hurting us and the planet. Just look at traffic jams, pollution, and the inequality or exclusion it causes within vulnerable populations. We talk and think about mobility in a language and through a narrative that has been fixed for decades. And it’s about time we started designing a new narrative for the relationship between mobility and society.

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